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After reading much of this site, it should become quite clear that all of these many suppressions have collectively contributed to millions and millions of human lives lost and even greater amounts of human suffering. It should also be quite clear that if we (and I emphasize we) do not all take an active roll in eliminating these suppressions, our children will have nothing in thier future but a chaotic and disease-ridden world in which it will be the norm to suffer and die at very young ages.

We can use any individual suppression as an example, and track the progression of it’s associated diseases, and see that mortality suffers by magnitudes with each passing generation.

For example… Diabetes was once uncommon in America. But as refined sugars and flours, and then other high carb additives were introduced, we have gone from "rare cases of diabetes" to more than 23.6 million people (children and adults combined) with diabetes[1]… in other words, almost 8 out of every 100 Americans now have diabetes (and the Corn Growers are now running ads to make you think that High Fructose Corn Syrup is perfectly healthy). With increasing production of refined and high-carb products, the next 25 years will see greater increases then in the past. We certainly could be looking at 20% of the American population having diabetes.

As another example… With the "late 1940s" discovery that "Cancer is a deficiency disease requiring vitamin B17 for complete prevention"[3], an untold and phenomenal number of lives could be saved. It was predicted, prior to 2006, that in the year 2007 it is expected that 1.44 million Americans would be diagnosed with cancer and that approximately 560,000 will die from the disease.[2] If we are losing more than half a million Americans per year now, than how many lives have we lost since the late 1940s? And if, close to one and one-half million Americans are becoming new Cancer patients each year, how many more will die!? And how much suffering will occur!? When millet (a grain that is high in Vit B17) was America’s staple grain, Cancer was rare. But when the staple grain became wheat, most Americans lost thier source of B17. Add to that the continous barrage of "cancer triggers" (ie, chemicals, emf radiation, microwave towers, smoking), and the massacre of Americans and humans around the world will just grow, and grow, and grow.

If each and every suppression on this site, were undone… If each and every solution was published and broadcast by the mass media, millions and millions of lives would be saved, yearly.


Obtain video documentaries of these issues and hold "get togethers", meetings, or events to raise awareness,

Email information from this site, along with its links, to all of your friends and associates, encouraging them to take the same actions that are listed in this section,

Print publications from this site, and others, and distribute them in public places where they can be of benefit,

Complain to politicians about the suppressions and demand that the FDA disassociate itself from the corporations, and actually act in the best interest of the american citizen instead of the corp.

Start a lending library of books, documentaries and reports, that you can lend to friends and associates… this is an incredibly powerful way to motivate people to action. Donate to this foundation. We use the donated funds to do the following:

Maintain this website;
Procure and distribute informative materials for distribution where we find it will be the most beneficial in reducing or eliminating the effects of suppression.

[1] – – "There are 23.6 million children and adults in the United States, or 7.8% of the population, who have diabetes. While an estimated 17.9 million have been diagnosed with diabetes, unfortunately, 5.7 million people (or nearly one quarter) are unaware that they have the disease."

[2] – – "American Cancer Society epidemiologists predict that approximately 1.44 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer and 560,000 will die from the disease in 2007."

[3] – See the Cancer page for more information, and footnotes pertaining to this paragraph.

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