Anti-Suppression Foundation is dedicated to providing a resource of health related information that has been suppressed by multi-national corporations, via government, media and charitable organizations. These suppressions are being implemented for the sole purpose of profit, even though the information suppressed to date, is enough to eliminate the health crisis in America, and the world. Our objective is not only to provide this resource, but to find creative ways to distribute this information to the public at large. Please feel free to review our website… You will definitely come away from it with the knowledge to lengthen your life expectancy and enhance your "quality of life". We hope that you will be concerned enough about these problems, to help us disseminate this information. It can be as simple as talking to a friend or neighbor about this new-found knowledge.

"Why on earth would any organization want to suppress information that would save us. I simply do not believe it! You are nuts to even entertain such a conspiracy theory for even a moment!"

There are many sources of legitimate information in regards to the suppression of information for profits. Of course, these sources will never be found on television, magazines, and other forms of mass media. The reason being, that corporations are responsible for all advertising in the major media, and so the media will simply not publish or broadcast information that will hurt the advertisers. Hence, we cannot under any circumstances expect to get unbiased information from any of these source… not the least of which, being "the news". Corporate and government scrutinization is so heavy in the news outlets, that it is the least likely place to find unbiased information.

One of the best written sources of information pertaining to the history and development of the power structure that suppresses information, is the book, "World Without Cancer", by G Edward Griffin. The first half of this book focuses on suppressed information related to the cure and prevention of cancer. G Edward Griffin felt it necessary to publish the entire history of "corporate" and "foundation" suppression, to fully explain the reasoning for the suppression of information related to cancer. Consequently, the second part of the book, "World Without Cancer", is an incredible reference for understanding how it has come to pass, that the most "life-saving" and "health-saving" discoveries have been squelched, and kept from the public, not only by "dis-information" (propaganda), but also by manipulating government agencies to pass laws and establish policies that further the agenda of suppression.

Our library contains a video summary of the book. Both segments focus on the first part of the book, and consequently does not go into the history of suppression, in general terms. However, you are encouraged to view the video as part of your overall education on suppressed health information. While the book, "World Without Cancer" is, in our opinion, one of the best sources of information on "corporate suppression", there are video collections that go along way in presenting undeniable factual information as to how corporations act in the name of profits, even at the peril of human health and the human condition. One such video is a documentary called, "The Corporation (view here)". "The Corporation" is available on DVD at many online stores. You are encouraged to buy a copy of it, and add it to your own library. It is important to show this video to as many friends, family and associates as possible. It is the only way to raise public awareness, as you will never, never, never see such damning information on the major media outlets. The multi-national corporations will not present themselves in this negative, but truthful light. We do not sell DVDs, but you will find this DVD at: http://www.amazon.com/Corporation-Ray-Anderson-II/dp/B0007DBJM8



To understand the suppression of health information, one truly needs to be educated as to the making and workings of this "corporate web" (which has grown to control every facet of our lives in ways that most of us do not understand). An excellent documentary was recently published, which demonstrates the current state of this "web". It is truly an atrocity that needs immediate attention by all people all over the world, but most imperatively, in the United States. For obvious reasons, it has not received any attention in the major media. Many people who have had potential exposure to this documentary, have dismissed it from the start, because they are "Obama" supporters. One must remember that the president of the united states is always a man working for powerful interests… the corporations. Obama is just the latest to be used by the true "powers that be". Once you review this documentary, you will come to realize that it doesn’t matter what party affiliation a president has, they have all been "bad" for many more years than you can imagine.

Surprising to some, the primary tool of the multi-national corporations and foundations, is the Federal Reserve. After reviewing these materials, you will hopefully  understand the dire need of the people of the United States to take action immediately as described below.


To find out more about HR1207 and express support for it go to:


You may also find your representative at the site below, and express your concerns at:


Please do both. Send an email, and phone them to make sure that they are supporting HR1207, to require audits of Federal Reserve Activity.

Our ability to get the real truths of health into the hands of the public, depends on breaking the corporate web that suppresses these truths.

The constitutional freedoms that are virtually non-existent anymore, cannot be restored as long as massive funds are created every day, and provided to corporate interests that the U.S. citizen is not ALLOWED to know about. We are talking to the tune of 9.3 Trillion Dollars. Just so you can get the full impact, it looks like this…



Take care, and good health to you!

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