Is Fluoride Really Bad for Me? (The answer may not be what you think!!)

The issue of fluoride over-supplementation has been in the news lately so, we thought we would set the record straight.

Surprisingly, the answer to the above question is both “yes” and “no”!

Question 1:

Is Fluoride Really Bad paid to write articles for Me? Yes and no.

Calcium fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in dirt and is considered relatively harmless to humans due to its extreme insolubility.
Unfortunately, this is not (and never has been) what is being added to our toothpaste, mouthwash, liquid drops and municipal water supply systems under the guise of dental health. It is silico-fluorides that are being added to 90% of public water systems.
Silico-fluorides (including sodium fluoride) are highly toxic industrial grade hazardous wastes generated during aluminum processing and captured in the air pollution-control scrubber systems of the phosphate fertilizer industry.
Fluoride in this form causes osteoporosis, thyroid disease, damage to the immune system, heart, lungs, liver, brain, skin, arteries, and premature aging.2

Until the aluminum and fertilizer industries figured out a way to convince our government to actually buy these waste products from them (using heavy handed marketing, lobbying and other tricks) they had to pay huge sums of money to “safely” dispose of these toxic chemicals.3 Advocates of sodium fluoride supplementation argue that the amount of sodium fluoride added to toothpaste, mouthwash, liquid drops and drinking water is too small to have an adverse effect on human health. My question is, “how much toxic poison do you want to put into your body?”

If sodium fluoride is safe to put into your body, why does every tube of Crest and Colgate have a warning on it not to swallow their toothpaste? Everything you put on your skin (including the skin tissue inside your mouth) is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. That is why nicotine and hormone patches placed on the skin are an effective means of administering those substances to the bloodstream. The blood vessels under your tongue have the thinnest walls of any blood vessels on the body externally accessible. This is why a thermometer under the tongue is an accurate measure of internal body temperature. This is also why placing certain supplements and medications under the tongue is an effective means of administering those substances (sublingually.)

 Question 2:

If Sodium Fluoride is Bad for Me, Why Does My Government Add it to My Drinking Water?

That is a very good question! Sodium Fluoride supplementation began in 1947 when Oscar Ewing, a former Alcoa Aluminum lawyer, became head of the U.S. Public Health Service. Alcoa was one of the biggest producers of hazardous fluoride waste at that time. A ten year experiment was performed adding sodium fluoride to the drinking water on the towns of Newburgh and Kingston, New York. Apparently, the U.S. Public Health Service misread the statistics and claimed a 65% reduction in tooth decay. They then used this incorrect data as justification to proceed to fluoridate the drinking water in other cities, a practice which continues to this day despite strong controversy.4

Today, there is a great deal of scientific agreement that ingested fluoride does not, in fact, reduce tooth decay.5  Upon reviewing the evidence, some EPA scientists have recently concluded that the public water supply should not be used “as a vehicle for disseminating this toxic substances.” They called for “an immediate halt to the use of the nation’s drinking water reservoirs as disposal sites for the toxic waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry.”6 Some studies have actually shown an increase in tooth decay with a corresponding increase in fluoride exposure in children!7 I could reference many other well documented studies that show fluoride supplementation does not, in fact, reduce tooth decay.

 Question 3:

I have municipal water in my home. What can I do?

1.    Drink only purified water using a good reverse osmosis or distillation system.

2.    Collect and drink spring water in glass jugs. You can find a local spring at Also, Kendell sells one gallon glass jugs.

3.    Install good shower head filters and sink faucet head filters.

4.    Consider installing a good whole house water filtration system.

5.    Use fluoride-free toothpaste. Dry baking soda works fine and saves money.

6.    Do not supplement with fluoride tablets or liquid.

7.    Find a good dentist that does not use fluoride. I recommend Dr. Baylin in Pikesville, MD (410) 484-5266.


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